Friday, December 28, 2012

To the Real Dented and Painted (whatever that means!)

She is shamed and shunned
She doesn't know why
She did nothing except
Go for a movie at night

She's shy, She's scared
She's like that, her mother said
But is that real? Is that true?
Does her Uncle know more than her mother knew?

She feels unsafe, She's always cautious
She feels every urge to kill herself
But She tries, She makes an attempt
Goes to the cops - much to their contempt

She's helpless, she's defenseless,
She's five, at the age of innocence
The boy next door decides to play with her
Should She really learn to 'love thy neighbor?'

Time and again She is molested
Groped, touched, sexually assaulted
Her dignity is left out there to feed on
She's brutally disrespected and violated

Man, why do you do such things?
You treat her like an object, a commodity
Vent your frustrations on her
And then discard her and her dignity

But what did you think? You'll get away with this act?
She should be docile, submissive and quiet?
No, No, She can shout out loud, She can yell beyond measure
Her screams in protest will be louder than yours of pleasure

And whatever it may be - be it castration, or jail
Hanging, whatever - She's not under a veil
She's out there, you can see her face
She'll chase you, just like your kind chases

She'll hunt like you do
She'll taunt, just like you do
And since you're into teaching lessons,
She'll do that too

See, because, She gives consideration to others
Even you, after what you've done
She learned her lesson and now it's her turn to teach
She'll show you what's a dignity breach

Sit back, you chauvinist, you freak
You'll be hit when you least expect it
Be prepared, be careful, be brave
There's nowhere to hide, you can't be saved

She will show you, she will make you understand
But in her way, in her style, not yours
At that time there will be no escape
Man, there's going to be a whole new meaning of Rape

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You're Winter, I'm Snow

There was a time when I never thought,
I'd write of love, happy endings, and what not.
And then one day, he came into my life
Casually asked if I'd be his wife.

You can imagine how it hit me, and more,
That nothing like this, had ever happened before.
And now what was I to do, what would I say?
Comfortably numb, was how I was prepared to stay.

Then I wondered, with all my heart
Single was the way from the start.
But now it was time, I let someone in
To care, to love, to hold unto death within.

And why not him, he was perfect as ever
Much like me, and at the same time, never!
We fit like pieces of a puzzle pretty well
And his smile had already cast a spell.

We could talk endlessly and let time go by
For a non-phone person, that's pretty fly.
And we could drink together to celebrate good times
Isn't that more a luxury today and less of crime?

Icing on the cake is he's simple and true.
He's a sucker for brands, but loves pani puri too!
So I said yes, of course! I wouldn't have it any other way
And we're now engaged, to be married before May.

What can I tell you, I was looking all along,
Through words that rhymed, that hummed into a song.
And there you are - my comfort, my home, and all that I know.
Cos darling you're winter, and I'm snow.

Monday, August 1, 2011


The wind blew in my face
Chill, piercing, like a thousand knives
I cycled on the open street
No lights, no trees, no life

My helmet being the only burden,
I felt weightless, ever so light
My knees were stiff from the cold
As I pedalled to the nearest pub in sight

I needed to get to a pub real fast
I was going to freeze if I let it pass
My joints were sore from the cold
Cycling with the stiffness was quite a task

What is it about the cold and beer
That rushes every Irish from far and near
I'd usually prefer a coffee in the chill
But this is Ireland, thanks a mill!

Asked for my pint of guinness
The local brand of barley juice
The Irish forever swear by it
Who really cares? It's just booze

Took down a huge gulp
Dark, heavy, and bitter
I could feel it go down my throat
I felt warmth as I shivered

There's something about this dark beer
I scanned the pub real quick
Old men, middle aged and young girls
All held a pint and bonded with instinct

They say beer is an acquired taste
And Guinness, you'll need more beers to acquire
But three pints down, and I love it
What do they say again - More than two and it's a habit? :P

We Have Us

Yes our lives are messy
But who gives a damn
We can sort our crap out
As long as we're talking, we can.

Rough day at work,
Rough time at play
Just some momentary madness
Good times will eventually stay

I don't know why I'm writing this
Or tagging you on this piece
I needed to clear out the mess
In my head - need some peace.

And you know well, you know how
This works both ways, then and now
You sort my shit and I sort yours
And then we waste time chasing cars :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Through the glass and on the road
I see an old lady trying to cross
She's blind, I'm guessing, needs a hand
I see her tapping her walking stick on the ground

Through the glass and across the building
I see into another house through the window
A couple quarreling - animated, loud, and clear
She's going to leave him, I hear

Through the glass and in the sky
I see some tiny birds, lovebirds maybe
Tweeting as they fly in patterned discipline
Yet flying in pairs, flying free

Through the glass and into the horizon
I see endless sky and endless sea
The orange rays of the sun beaming through
Easy to state - the horizon is beautiful!

And inside the house,
On the other side of the tinted glass
I sit in the darkness, my stick beside me
I could cross the road if someone helped me

Inside the house,
On the other side of the tinted glass
I tried hard to make it work, more than he
But it just wasn't enough, he left me

Inside the house,
On the other side of the tinted glass
My friends, two lovebirds, sit in their cage
Talking to me in their language

Inside the house,
On the other side of the tinted glass
I feel the sun's rays beaming through the horizon
I feel the warm, moist air against my face
Easy to state, despite all - I'm in a beautiful place.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Writing in the Winter Chill

Darkness sets in the horizon
The day's mist gets thicker and dense
The firewood is out, the coal is ready
The streets dimly lit, no cars, so empty.

Behind the clouds, in the jet black sky
Almost non-existent, it hides on the sly
At times showing its self, playing peek-a-boo
In vain, it tries to chine and glisten - the moon.

They cast shadows, the darkest you've ever seen
You smell moisture, you smell green
Their leaves rustle in the whistling breeze
Like they're breathing through the night - the trees.

Indoors, the fire is lit, the heaters are on
Snuggled in my blanket, cozy and warm
I sip on my tea, so steamy and hot
Decide to write this poem, rhyming in thought.

Through the thick fog, everything's hazy
So quiet, so dull, quite so eerie
Unlike the brightness, within hours that brings the day
This unsettling darkness seems here to stay.

Not a soul on the road, all back in
Escaping the cold, the gloom, the chill
My thoughts go into a frenzy - I need words to describe
I need a pen and paper - I need to write.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You and Me

You're into me, I'm into you
We talk and talk, that's all we do
We share our stories, our lives, our pain
But there's a line we draw, a line we feign

We're close, yet so far
we're killing time, counting stars
Beating around the bush, when we really know
We're meant to be, you're winter, I'm snow

How long do we fake the real feel inside
How long do I ride the high tide
Can't you hint it? Can't you speak out?
How do I know you like what we've got?

I'm clueless, not knowing what you feel
Don't know what you're thinking, don't know what's the deal
We're friends I guess, seems like that to me
But I know there's something else, deeper than we see

I can't get it out, don't know how to say it
I feel a connection, our souls so livid
Why doesn't it show on the outside, why does my mind say no
My heart's flipping, fluttering, jumping high and low

I want to build the courage,
I want to tell you now
How much I love you,
and for long its been how

I love you more than life,
I love you more than me
I love you more than you could ever know,
What love is meant to be