Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't know what to name this yet...

He hides himself behind the shadows
While walking, he stares at his toes
He avoids conversation and keeps to himself
And even if he talks, no one can tell

But when he's alone, its a whole new world
He knows he doesn't have to do what he's told
He unleashes and reveals his art
The things he loves to do with all heart

All by himself, he finds comfort with ease
He doesn't need to function as they please
He vents out his emotions to replicate his life
The brush strokes in his painting showcase his strife

The songs he sings show joy unparalleled
He makes music and it's like he cast a spell
Jack of all trades and master of them all
He can make it up there without a fall

But only he knows why he doesn't try
The people out there don't think he's fly
He's no less and criticizes his own
He thinks he's all wrong, right to the bone

He thinks he'll never get there, he's not good enough
You try to convince him and he calls your bluff
He's his own artist, so he says
He doesn't think he could change his ways

Just one shot, that's all it takes
He has nothing to lose, no high stakes
Instead he kept quiet and stayed back in
While the outside world was looking for someone like him

He could've made it, if he was brave
But he chose to take his talent to the grave
And now years later, long after he's gone
His work is unearthed, taken, reborn

Now someone else claims the fame he never got
Plagiarized, re-written, with his spirit all lost
He never got to prove them critics all wrong
Instead his life is being sung in this song

Monday, May 25, 2009

Going Home..

I'm staring out the window
Wondering where i can leave my pain
I can't see the sun shine bright
The sky cries and it rains

I wish you understand what I'm going through
Sleepless nights and endless days
I don't know if I can ever overcome
If I can turn around and change my ways

You always needed something more
You didn't hesitate to show me the door
I was never ever good enough for you
How hard I tried but that wouldn't do

I'm dying inside I need to run away
I'll lose myself if I stay another day
I can't risk my life, my heart, my mind
For someone whose love I cannot find

I'm sorry I'm going, I need to get away
I need to find myself before its late
Forgive me for eloping with my soul
I'm not cheating, I'm just going home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three of a kind.. No 3

Could I build castles? Can I go somewhere?
Could I be at the top? Can I get there?
Can I make a difference, make a mark someday?
Do I ever get to live my life, my way?

So many questions in my mind
How many answers will I find.
Do I have what it takes towards the limelight
The talent that gets me into sight

I wanna be something, I want to excel
But do I have it in me, I just cant tell
People say I know better than to go
Risking what I have for something unknown

Maybe I should take my dreams to my grave
But I don't wanna give up, I wanna be brave
In this world where reality bites
I'll only end up with nothing in sight

I really wanna be there but I know I'm no good
I dont stand a chance where others could
I'll be the laughing stock and people will tease
when I go up there and stay still, i'll freeze

Will I ever build castles? Maybe in the air
Will I get to the top? Or never get there?
All I know is I can't make the difference if I just do
Whatever other people want me to.

Three of a kind.. no.2

They say never do that, never do this
Learn to be happy, accept it as it is
They say you'll never find joy if you are this way
You need to be like everyone every single day

I keep tying down my thoughts
I throw it out of the door
This way I'd never know
Of what I'm worth and much more

I cannot break the rules, I can't even try
People around me talk and all they do is lie
They say you gotta be normal, be like everyone else
And I keep listening to them, trying to make sense

I wanna break out, I wanna break free
Someone get me out of this monotony
I can't breathe, I need some air
I own my life, it's my own share

No one can tell me what to do
I know how to be happy and I'll do it too!
If I go their way, I may be happy alright
But not the kind joy that i would've liked

So let me do it my way, I think i'll be fine
I'll fall and get hurt, but I'll learn with time
I can handle my pain, I need no pity
I'll pull out of it myself with all dignity

I will break the rules, I will definitely try
People can talk, they always lie
I don't wanna be normal, like everyone else
I wanna live my life, my way, for myself.

Three of a kind....no. 1

I could be the writer I wanted to be
But there's others who're better
My lines would make sense to no one but me
And it would never ever matter

I could be the best street dancer
Beeboying around, popping and locking
But there's that guy down the street
He makes his moves do the talking

Maybe I could be the best swimmer ever
All the strokes right through the water
But there's that girl who races the fish
Will my strokes match hers?.. how I wish!

I could be the famous traveller
Go to Paris, Brazil, and Rome
But there's a zillion nomads everyday
Maybe I'm lucky I have a home

I could be the best ever singer
Hitting high notes and touching the hearts
But that new guy under the spotlight now?
Sings like a dream and has captured those hearts

Could I ever be what I think I can be?
I feel like there's people better than me
I can't even picture me in their place
Not even with them and my face

But they were like me for sure
doubtful, uncertain, scared and more
But now they're there, know right from wrong
They know they can and they're going strong

Inside of me, I know I can
I know this is what I'm born to do
I am the writer, dancer, swimmer and
the traveller and the singer too

I am the writer! The best writer
I write and make magic from lines
I am the dancer! THE street dancer
That guy down the street, don't stand a chance

I am your fastest swimmer
The fish and dolphins will agree
I can travel around the world alone
The nomads, we'll let them be

I am the famous singer,
The spotlight is on me
I am the one who sings like a dream
And the hearts I stole were meant for me

I am what I think I can be
I feel there's no one better than me
I can see myself known wide and far
I am the face! I am the star!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slam Dunk

I ain't no Jordan
I ain't no O'neal
But I'm a good basketball player
And I enjoy playing a great deal
You may think its a crazy game
With people running around
Bouncing the ball here and there
Getting airborne and forgetting the ground.
But there's more to it that what they show
Or else why would Jordan return after taking the bow?
It's a game of soul and spirit
It's a game of speed and swiftness
It gets the adrenalin pumping and the heart racing
It's a game of mental and physical fitness
But very few understand
That basketball is a game of life
It contains the highs and lows
All that you can expect in life
So I should get back to dunking
While you think and try understanding
But if you don't, I don't blame you at all
'Cause you ain't no O'neal after all.

I'd like to fly....

I'd like to fly like the birds
In the endless blue skies
I'd like to fly like the planes
In the night, when the day dies
I'd like to fly like the seeds of spring
In search of fertile land
I'd like to fly like the guardian angels
And place on earth, heaven's hand

I tried to fly like the birds
But could never reach the blue skies
I tried to fly like the planes
But never saw the day die
I tried to fly like the seeds of spring
But only found coarse land
But when I tired to fly like graceful angels
I found on me, heaven's hand.

Limits of Admiration

When you see people staring at you
Make up your mind about what to do
Something is wrong from head to toe
What is it? You've got to know
Don't ask anyone, it won't be nice
It would be dumb, do something wise
Go to the restroom, that'll be good
Look into the mirror - that you should
Just have a look at what's staring back
And then you might give your head a whack
All this time you never knew
That everyone was just admiring you!


Look up in the sky
And see the clouds pass by
Think about how wonderful it would be
To feel that everyone loves me
Then at night, look up at the stars
And wipe out the past full of scars
Can't I show, how nice it is to be
Alive with the people who live with me
I live a life with sparkling eyes
I live a life in paradise.


When you're told to do your best
What else do you do than just say 'yes'
Of course we try every single bit
To attempt every question and not miss it
But what do we do when the question is tough?
Just signal to your friend by giving a cough
Then the sign language says it all
The next thing you know, you receive your call
You've got all questions, what could go wrong?
This question cycles through your mind in a song
I could rejoice, 'cause I've achieved the feat
But through one way that's incorrect - and that's to cheat.

One Summer Afternoon

One summer afternoon
When the sun was shining bright
The air was heavy and warm
Sure it was a beautiful sight

I thought and thought,
How true it could be
To see mother nature
As active as can be

Staring at the sky,
When all's beautiful and still
Makes me think of spring
And not the winter's chill

Oh! What a beautiful day!
The messgae my mind did send
Made me feel pleased
To wish that this day would never end.


Now I lay me down to study
I pray to the Lord I won't got nutty
And if I fail to learn this junk
I pray to the Lord that I won't flunk
But if I do, don't pity me at all
Just lay my bones in the study hall
Tell my teacher I've done my best
Then pile my books upon my chest
Now I lay me down to rest.


When fire's freezing cold
When snow's boiling hot
When the birds forget to sing
I'll still forget you not
When the sun forgets to rise
When spring does not renew
When all the clocks have stopped
Then, I'll stop loving you..


In the dark wintery night
Grey cloud cover in my way
I see the twinkling stars
Shining as bright as would they

I see no one around me
Cannot look back to see them go
All alone am I this side
How I feel they’d never know

I’m cold and clammy
And darkness wants to stay
I’m looking for warm light
But it’s hours away

I shine bright black
But no one can see
I breathe and have a heart
But no one knows it’s me

In such a big sky
With people around
No one can see or hear me
Until I turn around

Until I shine
with help of those bright
I will not be known
I am no one in sight

On this side of the moon

In the dark side of the moon

We’re with each other hand in hand

In the dark side of the moon

We’re talking heart to heart


On the bright side

We’re miles away in distance

In this side of the moon

Ignorant of each others existence


In the dark side of the moon

In two bodies one soul dwells

In the dark side of the moon

We’re as fallen as love ever fell


On the bright side

We’re oblivious to each other

In this side of the moon

We’re searching for that perfect other


In the dark side of the moon

I know for certain and so do you

In the dark side of the moon

I want to and you want to, too


On the bright side

It’s just another day

In this side of the moon

Nothing is certain and here to stay


In the dark side of the moon

We can be what we want to be

In the dark side of the moon

No one knows and no one sees


Can you see us on the other side?

The dark side of the moon

Where we’re one and the world another

With only each other, we’re marooned


In this side of the the moon lies reality

In the bright side lies our fate

We were never together nor with each other

Not even after a long wait


Now I realize slowly

That together we were never true

I shed a tear of sorrow,

You were all I ever knew!


On the bright side of the moon, I sit

And pray with all my soul

Hand in hand we will walk one day

To the dark side of the moon.