Thursday, August 4, 2011

You're Winter, I'm Snow

There was a time when I never thought,
I'd write of love, happy endings, and what not.
And then one day, he came into my life
Casually asked if I'd be his wife.

You can imagine how it hit me, and more,
That nothing like this, had ever happened before.
And now what was I to do, what would I say?
Comfortably numb, was how I was prepared to stay.

Then I wondered, with all my heart
Single was the way from the start.
But now it was time, I let someone in
To care, to love, to hold unto death within.

And why not him, he was perfect as ever
Much like me, and at the same time, never!
We fit like pieces of a puzzle pretty well
And his smile had already cast a spell.

We could talk endlessly and let time go by
For a non-phone person, that's pretty fly.
And we could drink together to celebrate good times
Isn't that more a luxury today and less of crime?

Icing on the cake is he's simple and true.
He's a sucker for brands, but loves pani puri too!
So I said yes, of course! I wouldn't have it any other way
And we're now engaged, to be married before May.

What can I tell you, I was looking all along,
Through words that rhymed, that hummed into a song.
And there you are - my comfort, my home, and all that I know.
Cos darling you're winter, and I'm snow.