Monday, May 25, 2009

Going Home..

I'm staring out the window
Wondering where i can leave my pain
I can't see the sun shine bright
The sky cries and it rains

I wish you understand what I'm going through
Sleepless nights and endless days
I don't know if I can ever overcome
If I can turn around and change my ways

You always needed something more
You didn't hesitate to show me the door
I was never ever good enough for you
How hard I tried but that wouldn't do

I'm dying inside I need to run away
I'll lose myself if I stay another day
I can't risk my life, my heart, my mind
For someone whose love I cannot find

I'm sorry I'm going, I need to get away
I need to find myself before its late
Forgive me for eloping with my soul
I'm not cheating, I'm just going home.


  1. will u let me borrow this one???

  2. I'm just going home...

    I like the tone of finality in this one... kind of hits home :)

    u rock my sensible mrin!

  3. Thanks Ankee n Pooj :)
    Ankee - of course you can borrow this one
    Pooj - yeah...HOME! pretty much the one word that could mean anything you want it to mean :)