Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't know what to name this yet...

He hides himself behind the shadows
While walking, he stares at his toes
He avoids conversation and keeps to himself
And even if he talks, no one can tell

But when he's alone, its a whole new world
He knows he doesn't have to do what he's told
He unleashes and reveals his art
The things he loves to do with all heart

All by himself, he finds comfort with ease
He doesn't need to function as they please
He vents out his emotions to replicate his life
The brush strokes in his painting showcase his strife

The songs he sings show joy unparalleled
He makes music and it's like he cast a spell
Jack of all trades and master of them all
He can make it up there without a fall

But only he knows why he doesn't try
The people out there don't think he's fly
He's no less and criticizes his own
He thinks he's all wrong, right to the bone

He thinks he'll never get there, he's not good enough
You try to convince him and he calls your bluff
He's his own artist, so he says
He doesn't think he could change his ways

Just one shot, that's all it takes
He has nothing to lose, no high stakes
Instead he kept quiet and stayed back in
While the outside world was looking for someone like him

He could've made it, if he was brave
But he chose to take his talent to the grave
And now years later, long after he's gone
His work is unearthed, taken, reborn

Now someone else claims the fame he never got
Plagiarized, re-written, with his spirit all lost
He never got to prove them critics all wrong
Instead his life is being sung in this song

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