Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three of a kind.. no.2

They say never do that, never do this
Learn to be happy, accept it as it is
They say you'll never find joy if you are this way
You need to be like everyone every single day

I keep tying down my thoughts
I throw it out of the door
This way I'd never know
Of what I'm worth and much more

I cannot break the rules, I can't even try
People around me talk and all they do is lie
They say you gotta be normal, be like everyone else
And I keep listening to them, trying to make sense

I wanna break out, I wanna break free
Someone get me out of this monotony
I can't breathe, I need some air
I own my life, it's my own share

No one can tell me what to do
I know how to be happy and I'll do it too!
If I go their way, I may be happy alright
But not the kind joy that i would've liked

So let me do it my way, I think i'll be fine
I'll fall and get hurt, but I'll learn with time
I can handle my pain, I need no pity
I'll pull out of it myself with all dignity

I will break the rules, I will definitely try
People can talk, they always lie
I don't wanna be normal, like everyone else
I wanna live my life, my way, for myself.

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