Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three of a kind.. No 3

Could I build castles? Can I go somewhere?
Could I be at the top? Can I get there?
Can I make a difference, make a mark someday?
Do I ever get to live my life, my way?

So many questions in my mind
How many answers will I find.
Do I have what it takes towards the limelight
The talent that gets me into sight

I wanna be something, I want to excel
But do I have it in me, I just cant tell
People say I know better than to go
Risking what I have for something unknown

Maybe I should take my dreams to my grave
But I don't wanna give up, I wanna be brave
In this world where reality bites
I'll only end up with nothing in sight

I really wanna be there but I know I'm no good
I dont stand a chance where others could
I'll be the laughing stock and people will tease
when I go up there and stay still, i'll freeze

Will I ever build castles? Maybe in the air
Will I get to the top? Or never get there?
All I know is I can't make the difference if I just do
Whatever other people want me to.

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