Monday, January 11, 2010

You and Me

You're into me, I'm into you
We talk and talk, that's all we do
We share our stories, our lives, our pain
But there's a line we draw, a line we feign

We're close, yet so far
we're killing time, counting stars
Beating around the bush, when we really know
We're meant to be, you're winter, I'm snow

How long do we fake the real feel inside
How long do I ride the high tide
Can't you hint it? Can't you speak out?
How do I know you like what we've got?

I'm clueless, not knowing what you feel
Don't know what you're thinking, don't know what's the deal
We're friends I guess, seems like that to me
But I know there's something else, deeper than we see

I can't get it out, don't know how to say it
I feel a connection, our souls so livid
Why doesn't it show on the outside, why does my mind say no
My heart's flipping, fluttering, jumping high and low

I want to build the courage,
I want to tell you now
How much I love you,
and for long its been how

I love you more than life,
I love you more than me
I love you more than you could ever know,
What love is meant to be


  1. Beautiful -- sometimes all it takes is a step , and its on you to decide who takes it first, let that step be the one that changes your life maybe -- as this was written in the chilly winters, i hope the spring came by and ur enjoying the summer hand in hand ;)

  2. :) well, lets just say that this feeling passed. I have this blog to remind me of it though. And I definitely learned from the experience - so Spring did come by :)