Friday, December 28, 2012

To the Real Dented and Painted (whatever that means!)

She is shamed and shunned
She doesn't know why
She did nothing except
Go for a movie at night

She's shy, She's scared
She's like that, her mother said
But is that real? Is that true?
Does her Uncle know more than her mother knew?

She feels unsafe, She's always cautious
She feels every urge to kill herself
But She tries, She makes an attempt
Goes to the cops - much to their contempt

She's helpless, she's defenseless,
She's five, at the age of innocence
The boy next door decides to play with her
Should She really learn to 'love thy neighbor?'

Time and again She is molested
Groped, touched, sexually assaulted
Her dignity is left out there to feed on
She's brutally disrespected and violated

Man, why do you do such things?
You treat her like an object, a commodity
Vent your frustrations on her
And then discard her and her dignity

But what did you think? You'll get away with this act?
She should be docile, submissive and quiet?
No, No, She can shout out loud, She can yell beyond measure
Her screams in protest will be louder than yours of pleasure

And whatever it may be - be it castration, or jail
Hanging, whatever - She's not under a veil
She's out there, you can see her face
She'll chase you, just like your kind chases

She'll hunt like you do
She'll taunt, just like you do
And since you're into teaching lessons,
She'll do that too

See, because, She gives consideration to others
Even you, after what you've done
She learned her lesson and now it's her turn to teach
She'll show you what's a dignity breach

Sit back, you chauvinist, you freak
You'll be hit when you least expect it
Be prepared, be careful, be brave
There's nowhere to hide, you can't be saved

She will show you, she will make you understand
But in her way, in her style, not yours
At that time there will be no escape
Man, there's going to be a whole new meaning of Rape