Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three of a 1

I could be the writer I wanted to be
But there's others who're better
My lines would make sense to no one but me
And it would never ever matter

I could be the best street dancer
Beeboying around, popping and locking
But there's that guy down the street
He makes his moves do the talking

Maybe I could be the best swimmer ever
All the strokes right through the water
But there's that girl who races the fish
Will my strokes match hers?.. how I wish!

I could be the famous traveller
Go to Paris, Brazil, and Rome
But there's a zillion nomads everyday
Maybe I'm lucky I have a home

I could be the best ever singer
Hitting high notes and touching the hearts
But that new guy under the spotlight now?
Sings like a dream and has captured those hearts

Could I ever be what I think I can be?
I feel like there's people better than me
I can't even picture me in their place
Not even with them and my face

But they were like me for sure
doubtful, uncertain, scared and more
But now they're there, know right from wrong
They know they can and they're going strong

Inside of me, I know I can
I know this is what I'm born to do
I am the writer, dancer, swimmer and
the traveller and the singer too

I am the writer! The best writer
I write and make magic from lines
I am the dancer! THE street dancer
That guy down the street, don't stand a chance

I am your fastest swimmer
The fish and dolphins will agree
I can travel around the world alone
The nomads, we'll let them be

I am the famous singer,
The spotlight is on me
I am the one who sings like a dream
And the hearts I stole were meant for me

I am what I think I can be
I feel there's no one better than me
I can see myself known wide and far
I am the face! I am the star!

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